Straight Tua the money

Look, it’s no doubt in my mind the Alabama and the Crimson Tide faithful would welcome Tua Tagovailoa back next season with open arms, but let’s be real, to press Tua back to Tuscaloosa would be the equivalent of pressuring your ex to stick around based off of their good character and hopes of change…knowing damn well it would put a limit on both sides.

Tagovailoa, who is set to hold a presser sometime tomorrow announcing his decision on whether or not he’ll declare for the 2020 NFL draft, is hoping for a no backlash commitment from those around him.

While the “safe” route would suggests Tagovailoa stays put at Alabama to finish unfinished business next season, the smart decision would be to take the money that is there, and start his career as a professional athlete. Unless he’s guaranteed to win the 2020 Heisman Trophy and the National Championship, there’s no way in hell I’m encouraging Tua to come back to Tuscaloosa. For what? To risk yet another mid-major injury, taking even more money off his foreseeable plate, a plate in which is guaranteed to feed the top two future NFL quarterback prospects in Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence and Ohio State’s Justin Fields.

If I’m Tua, I’m taking my what seems to be injury prone talents to the NFL and I’m not looking back…but it’s easy to say what we’d do in such situations fueled by money, especially when it’s not our decision to make.

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