No Kap: They don't want you

Before I even dive into the issue at hand concerning Kaepernick, I just want to say that I personally didn’t think anything would come from this scheduled workout to begin with. Reason being, I couldn’t fathom the NFL letting Kapernick come back, after they had given him settlement money following his collusion grievance claim.

To put it in perspective, you and your employer are battling an ongoing drawn out issue at work and with there being no middle ground met, you take it upon yourself to sue your employer. Following your legal actions in which you supposedly “came out on top” of, you are given an agreed upon amount of money (financial settlement) for what you suffered, which for most of us would be classified as severance pay, which is essentially an agreement to part ways without your employer having to fire you. After taking the settlement money, despite the time that has passed, you, nor your former employer should not expect to see your name back in their employment applications.

Now, taking it for what it is, Kaepernick’s name is back in the stack of applications awaiting employment from his former employer. For the past three years, we’ve known Kaepernick as more than capable of leading an NFL team.

Kaepernick, who is now 32, has reportedly been invited to an on-field workout and interview session for any of the league’s 32 teams who would be interested in signing him. The session will be conducted by scouting personnel, the league said, specifically former NFL coach Hue Jackson, who will lead the drills, and former NFL coach Joe Philbin, who is reportedly going to be in attendance, too.

While it all sounds good and optimistic, I personally think it’s a ploy by Roger Goodell to one, make himself and the league look good just to say they offered and extended an opportunity for Kaepernick to showcase his skillset after being out the league for three years, maybe assuming or hoping Kaepernick would turn the offer down having moved on from the situation.

I also believe it’s an opportunity for distractions for the teams who do show up, and leave without an intent of signing Kaepernick. I understand, might he get signed, it can only be to one team, but for the remaining teams that walk away, will be forced fed the question of why they walked away without a deal of signing him.

With it already being week 11, I have to ask the question of how realistic is it Kaepernick gets his name on a roster? Let’s be honest here, he is a free agent, meaning he is free to sign with any team, and any team is free to sign him. That has been the case for nearly three years now. If a team is or has been interested in Kaepernick, it does not need an NFL-arranged workout to do so.

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