Life can be A B sometimes

Dating back to March, the entire Antonio Brown saga from the time he got traded, has felt like the rebel child running away from a well ran, two parent household in hopes of finding a better support foundation from a system that may not be all as advertised.

Following Brown’s absence in week 17, the Steelers would go on to miss the playoffs, giving the disgruntled wide receiver nothing but time and opportunity to publicly air out his frustrations towards the Steelers organization. Following an appearing on LeBron James HBO show, “The Shop” and an hour long Sports Center Featured interview, it was obvious a trade was not a matter of when, but where, as Brown had caused a plethora of commotion within a matter of weeks.

Then the news came, that Antonio Brown was being traded to the Oakland Raiders for just a third and fifth round pick in the 2019 NFL draft, (after threatening to not show up for the Buffalo Bills, who initially traded for Brown) and from then on, things were going to get real chaotic for the Raiders.

While a majority of Pittsburgh was saddened, Raider Nation was thrilled, as the newest member of the Raiders was thoroughly grateful to be receiving a fresh start under the outspoken John Gruden. For the Steelers, it was a nightmare (now blessing) nobody had seen coming, for General Manager Mike Mayock and Head Coach Jon Gruden, it was a perfect match, as they had pulled off the biggest trade of the off season. And I get it, the league’s best wide receiver was headed to a dismantled franchise for chump change and a participation certificate, but to believe it would be a walk in the park for either party would be foolish.

For Brown, no more 50-yard bombs, luxury star treatment or unpunishable pushback. For Gruden, the offense, the least of his concerns, while keeping high egos in check will present a tall task…and that’s without factoring losses, something which could cause high tension for this team. Nonetheless, there will be growing pains.

Brown walked out on a home with stability from top to bottom, almost guaranteed trips outside of the scheduled sixteen weeks of work and a community who embraced him to the point where it seemed like he could do no wrong. Fast forward to where we are today in this rugged fairy tale, the egomaniac receiver has missed valuable camp time, been sidelined due to foot injury and has threatened to retire over a helmet, yet this is the newest addition who is subliminally supposed to be a locker room leader, taking this offense to the next level.

Instead of focusing on the chemistry, or as AB likes to say “camaraderie,” of the 2019 Raiders, we all have been talking about his absence and return, which is slowly turning an early marriage to a foreseeable divorce in Oakland fast, as Gruden is seemingly growing impatient with his new receiver.

So with all the commotion surrounding John Grunden, AB and the Raiders, I can’t help but wonder, will the trouble thus far (and probably what's yet to come) be worth the production, and is the production going to be promised? For the Steelers, life has returned to it's quiet state, but for AB and the 2019 Raiders, life is going to be A…B.

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