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If there’s one thing we learned from the Steelers and their 2018 – ’19 season, it’s being the noisiest and most monitored team in the media, doesn’t put your team in position to win the season. In fact, it raises attention to the exact opposite, leaving people on the outside looking in to wonder, can they win the season?

In a season that’s expecting two of the three first round quarterbacks to flourish, it has been the Cleveland Browns second year quarterback, Baker Mayfield stealing all the limelight.

From criticizing teammates and former head coach, to slamming beers at the park…everything that has nothing to do with the advancement of the Cleveland Browns, has been making headlines. But I get it, the Browns finally have a buzz behind their brand that’s not linked to a hot seat, or projected number one quarterback selection. No, their buzz is rapidly becoming the face of the city, providing top NFL headline news on the weekly basis and showing no signs of slowing down…ALL before the 2019 season kicks off.

Not to sound like the old man screaming “get off my lawn,” or the guy at Fox Sports who claims he’s not a Baker hater, I would strongly suggest to the young talented and popular quarterback to pump the brakes, and slow down. I don’t care that you slam beers at the park to rally the crowd, I honestly didn’t care that you voiced your frustration on feeling betrayed by your former head coach, but I did care that the timing of these events started to taint your image.

As a Steelers fan, of course I’d love to see the noise that surrounds Baker and the Browns be the demise of their hype train, but as a lover of the game and the love I have for exciting fun to watch players, I think he should allow his talent to be the noise that creates headlines…at least until this thing gets fully turned around in Cleveland.

If letting Baker be Baker gets out of hand and the season does not live up to the public’s expectations under new head coach Freddie Kitchens, we can all prepare ourselves to hear from the “I told you so” community, who would be quick to say “focus on playing football instead of trying to be “the man” or bigger than the game itself.”

In his position, with all the noise and inflation that surrounds the Cleveland Browns, the message should be clear: be careful what you do and how you do it.

Baker, you’ve won the city, you’ve won the fans and you have brought life into the “Dawg Pound,” now go win some games so you can continue to be the cool and charismatic person you are, in the spotlight without repercussions.

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