Interest over assets

It has been less than 72 hours, and Russell Westbrook already has his name being thrown around in trade talks following the unexpected departure of Paul George, who was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers.

If you didn’t think of the Paul George trade as a rebuilding move, then obviously you don’t know the business side of sports. Considering all the money the Thunder had invested into Westbrook and George and having to settle for FOUR straight first round playoff was just a matter of time until the Thunder pulled the plug on the Brodie and George experiment.

I’m not writing to analyze possible destinations for Westbrook, but to make sense of why general manager Ed Stefanski and the Detroit Pistons, who seem to be in a win now state of mind, should configure some sort of financial blueprint to bring Westbrook to Detroit.

Financially, the move may be a thing of thought, but if the trade was only going to cost the Pistons a point guard they’re ready to cut ties with, a few guards we don’t necessarily need and a draft pick or two…why not go after it?

Detroit isn’t missing a point guard who can just “run an offense,” no, what Detroit is desperate for, is a point guard who can go out and get his own, create for others around him, finish at the rim and get his teammates involved in various aspects of the game.

The injuries that have plagued Reggie Jackson have not only negatively affected his game, but the overall movement and production of the offense when he’s the floor general. Westbrook, who is a much more effective and efficient ball distributor, would be ideal to running the offense just based off of his basketball IQ and ability to make things happen for him and around him. By that I mean, he can get to the basket and score at will taking pressure off of Kennard and Brown, or he can orchestrate big play opportunities for his big men in Griffin and Drummond, essentially taking offensive pressure off of Drummond in late game situations.

While the move to Detroit seems far fetched, the idea of getting more athletic and experience at the point guard position seems worthy of serious thought.

Overall, I think bringing Westbrook to Detroit would be a nice reset for his career, allowing him to reset his label of “stats guy” to having the offense run through him, while the team would still belong to Blake, despite being the possibility of him becoming the number two option when warranted.

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