Well it was good while it lasted…kind of, is what every Cleveland Cavalier fan should be saying today as the era of title contention has found yet another obstacle in its path as the Cavs have parted ways with 3-year head coach, Tyronn Lue.

Optimism for a smooth, positive post-Bron era has been handicapped by the firing, and leaves a lot of questions for the Cavs front office for years to come.

From what seemed like a community that only asked for more and more from LeBron game in and game out, can we really be all that surprised they pulled the plug on a guy who helped orchestrate the Cavs first and only NBA title, SIX games into the season?

But I get it, 0-6 start is no way to start any season in any sport, but losing the league’s best player and having to commit to a guy who’s been well overhyped since being acquired in Kevin Love, and bring back a guy who shared championship memories from two seasons ago in Channing Frye…of course there’s going to be growing pains. If having to lean on Love to open up the backcourt for J.R. Smith and Hood to rack up points was the deciding factor in whether or not Lue would be keeping his job, then the process was not to be trusted from the get-go.

There were a lot of things this cavs team hasn't been so far, tolerable being the most obvious, but more notably: a quarter way into the season, a month in and consistent within their starting lineup. I said that to say, with the move coming just after six games, it really wasn’t fair for Lue to be shown the door.

To my knowledge, Coach Lue was and will always be questioned about his coaching ability, but this season was going to be different. Not the obvious difference in LeBron’s absence, silly, but this year was the year Lue was going to imprint the Cavs and slowly work them into a new identity. One that would consist of more strategic play from the reserves and more importantly, one that could hold their own on both sides of the floor through team-ball.

While it will be a challenge to find an identity and face of the franchise, the true challenge will be finding the next man up to orchestrate this group of directionless hoopers, back to an Eastern Conference threat.

It is safe to say that the Cavs 2018 - ’19 season is one to be forgotten, as it can only get worse from here.

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