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29 total picks later, a pair of No. 1 draft picks, over a dozen trades, some major front office changes and a whole lot of belief from the fans of Philly; and “The Process,” is finally starting to pay dividends as the 76er’s are now on their way back to relevancy.

Once composed of multiple first round draft picks and little to no chemistry, the Philadelphia 76er’s now have an identity, an identity that is no longer associated with losing, but now to prominence and show no signs of settling at where they left off last season.

To be young, synchronized and said to have a high ceiling are all components of a strong team, and with a strong team comes a strong brand, followed by a strong spokesmen, in whom they have found in former No. 1 draft pick and 76er and now new general manager, Elton Brand.

At just thirty-nine - years –old, you could say Brand was on the leagues accelerated course to the man in charge as he formerly served as the general manager of the Delaware Blue Coats, the Sixers’ G League team.

Brand steps in, in place of Bryan Colangelo who resigned after an ugly Twitter rant antagonizing and criticizing the 76er’s young players and efforts.

The hire may or may not have come as a surprise to 76er fans, but to the rest of us, we would have never guessed. Given the way things have played out last season in Philly, I personally don’t see an issue with the boom or bust approach with the hire. I mean Brand was just in the league I think two years ago so the player to management relationship with this young and upcoming team should prove solid, yet beneficial for embarking on the culture much accredited to the outspoken 76er center, Joel Embiid who has from my observation, been the voice and fuel to this whole “process.”

Brand will have a great deal of work cut out for him in order to show why he belongs, but things are most definitely in his favor as the teams foundation is set, therefore he’s not in place to build this team, but to manage and build upon what’s already been set in place. Brand’s biggest test? Landing a marquee player to come play alongside this young, talented group of guys there in Philly, solidifying the brand. I like the hire and it should be an interesting course to follow as this organizations success story begins to further flourish.

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