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Ohio State’s 2011 “tattoo-gate,” the 2011 Penn State sex abuse scandal, and the 2006 Reggie Bush USC money scandal are just three amongst MANY examples of relatively minor transgressions that turned into major headlined issues once the cover had been blown, and more importantly, examples of how NOT to handle scandal in college sports.

Roughly three days ago, the lengthy list of scandals in college football just subscribed two of it’s not so newest member(s) in Ohio State, this time under head coach Urban Meyer (was placed in the spotlight in 2010 while head coaching at the University of Florida; failing to recognize/ properly discipline for multiple arrest, failed drug tests and misconduct from players.)

You all have seen the news and read the articles or even heard about the reports on your favorite sports radio broadcast…so there’s no need to reiterate what’s going on up in Columbus, Oh. at OSU. What hasn’t been discussed, is Coach Meyer’s final discipline who is currently on leave from the program.

The fact that we’re waiting for a final say so, to me is just ridiculous, as there is said to be a zero tolerance for abuse whether physical or sexual, in the workplace. While Meyer may not be the participant in the alleged abuse case, he’s just as guilty for letting it go under the rug for three years now. Any logical thinker would say the appropriate thing for the university to do would be to let Meyer go and start over, yet here we are awaiting a decision with Coach Meyer left in limbo until further notice.

Why? Could it be because he’s an Ohio native, growing up in Toledo? Maybe they’re hanging on because he’s posted a whopping 73-8 record winning three of five bowl games, one being the 2014 National Title game, or simply because he’s just a popular figure in college football depending on who you ask. Had he posted a sub .500 record or went defeated against Michigan the past six years (wishful thinking), he would’ve been fired before the original story could’ve been updated.

Flashback to Coach Meyer’s tenure at Florida, the Gators football team was truly a madhouse, piling up 31 arrests within six seasons stemming from possession of alcohol by a minor to the charges of possession of a concealed weapon as well as aggravated stalking, domestic violence by strangulation, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny and fraudulent use of credit cards (as reported in the Orlando Sentinel). So let’s be real, can we really be all that surprised at what’s being unraveled at OSU under Meyer’s watch?

My biggest question goes out to all the supporters of Coach Meyer. Why is understanding that once someone becomes the head of a company or organization, they lose all rights to plead oblivious to the things that go on around you; everyone that works for you is your business. That’s negligence, and more importantly, as a supporter you’re siding with an individual who knowingly was aware of domestic violence. That’s just wild to me. I understand college football or sports in general come with a lot of emotions, but at some point you have to take your fandom out and become a logical realist.

While this all may be my unpopular opinion nobody asked for, I must too go on record to say that if it were up to me, I’d not only show Urban Meyer the door, but OSU’s athletic director Gene Smith as well. Until this mess gets figured out, tally up another black-eye for the Buckeyes, I’m sick of it.

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