Dr. Trey: First quarter knock out

Last night, the NBA witnessed its’ first ever on-court murder, and it was nationally televised for the entire world to see. In a much anticipated part two game of a one sided rivalry, James Harden and the Houston Rockets ran a full on practice with the Los Angeles Clippers.

There were a lot of exciting moments in last night’s game, including Harden single handedly outscoring the lifeless Clippers, 17-12 in the first quarter and not to mention, they snagged their 14th consecutive win…but NOTHING in last night’s performance was as noteworthy as James Harden’s first quarter crossover on Wesley Johnson. Crossover? No, what happened last night was a firsthand look at life being taken away at the expense of Johnson’s pride…or at least for the remainder of the season.

The level of disrespect that took place within those ten seconds of Harden’s sauce ‘n toss show is indescribable. The more I watch the quick clip, the more I come up with “what would you have done” scenarios, and speaking for myself, had I been in Johnson’s position, I would have located a wheelchair then found the nearest exit out of the Staples Center and skipped town. The ONLY thing that saved him from further embarrassment was the fact he got sliced ‘n diced on his home court, but even then, the crowd couldn’t soften such a deadly blow.

Everyone’s questioning what was going through Harden’s head in those ten seconds, but what I want to know is, how bad did Wesley Johnson want that shot to miss? Harden misses the shot, the joke suddenly turns on him, doesn’t save Johnson for having to invest in a new pair of ankles, not does it matter, because Dr. Tre doesn’t miss shots in the spotlight.

So filthy, so disrespectful and so dirty I have no choice but to respect Harden even more. Forget putting someone on a poster, my man Harden had put Wesley Johnson on an obituary. If you ask me, last night’s ankle thievery may have been the best and dirtiest cross since Allen Iverson’s cross and step over on Tyronn Lou.


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