Big bucks for Bortles

Once, the only player who stood between the Jags and the 2017 Lombardi Trophy, is now the guy the front office is locking in for their future in hopes of taking the team to the next level.

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles, has just signed a 3-year, $54 million extension with $26.5 million of that being guaranteed money. Seems a bit pricy given his resume, but if they feel like that’s their best option moving forward with free agency and the draft all around the corner, then we as spectators and NFL junkies have no choice but to accept it.

If you ask me, moving on from Bortles was the obvious decision considering the handful of veteran quarterbacks available now, but in fairness to the franchise, moving on from Bortles would be subliminally admitting that drafting Bortles in 2014 with the third overall draft pick was just an abominable mistake from the jump…something of which General Manager Dave Caldwell is turning a blind eye to.

Again, I’m not knocking them for what’s already been done, but when you factor in their could’ve been quarterbacks and finances, it’s only right to scratch your head. There was Jimmy Garoppolo who was traded for a second-round pick (into the NFC and far away from the Pats I might add), Case Keenum who was a free agent and of course, Colin Kaepernick, who still doesn’t have a job. Needless to say, all three would have been massive upgrades over Bortles, AND were available for a relative low price.

With the defense as stout as they are and just a few healthy and developed wide receivers away from taking the next step, the Jags are literally only as good as Blake Bortles allows them to be. With big bucks now in his pocket, we can only hope that the money and trust in his unreliable arm is the motivator and extra push that Bortles needs to step his game up, and become the quarterback that everyone expected him to be.


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