My love for sports is in the air

With it only being 14 days into February, not only is it the day to show love to your significant other, but a day for me to share what I have fell in love with in sports thus far this month.

Underdogs to top dogs:

The Philadelphia Eagles did exactly what nobody outside of the state of Pennsylvania thought would do. Former backup and resurgent quarterback Nick Foles and the “underdog” Eagles dethroned the Belichick and Brady led Super Bowl empire of a sixth Super Bowl victory.

In what honestly might have been one of the most competitive Super Bowls in the past decade, it still doesn’t sound right saying that Tom Brady and the Patriots fell short. Of course competing for yet another Lombardi Trophy was nothing out of the ordinary for the Pats, but getting outplayed for the majority of the game was. From a spectators point of view, what made this win unique, and vastly different from the championships won by the Pats, was that Coach Doug Pederson and the Eagles didn’t win by capitalizing on the Patriots mistakes, but from pure execution for four straight quarters, not allowing his team to get comfortable within their leads.

Lob City to Motor City:

From locker room headache to front court tandem and fan favorite, Blake Griffin was coming to Detroit. I’ll be the first to admit that I was a bit furious having let go of newly acquired Avery Bradley and role player Tobias Harris for an injury prone Blake Griffin, but further looking at the move from an NBA analytical point of view, the bright side became clear. In my opinion, Blake Griffin is the NBA’s Rob Gronkowski, the best at his respective position and hell to deal with when healthy but can’t expect for him to be available for a whole season.

As many coaches around the sports world say, the best ability is availability, and Blake’s presence is not to be taken for granted. With Blake being a healthy scratch for upcoming games, he was going to sell tickets and put fans in the seats of the Pistons new arena, allow a late chemistry to blossom between his new teammates and most importantly, serve as an active marketing campaign for the Pistons to upcoming free agents, especially guards looking for a bigger role or different change of pace. Having Drummond and Griffin playing alongside in the post in the East? Yea, I’m taking that all day every day.

New look Cavs:

In no way shape or form am I a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, but I do love to see LeBron James surround himself with different players of different skillsets and calibers…just to see he copes and gets others to transition to his system. What I really wasn’t a fan of, was how the Cavs acquired a bunch of once popular household name players, and expected them to be the second coming of the NBA. Too old, too hurt and too ego driven was what the Cavs had put on display for half of the season, until a week ago, when they made some MAJOR headline moves.

Again, I’m not a fan, but definitely missed the competitive nature of the franchise this season, and since having a fantasy draft, bringing in Rodney Hood, Larry Nance Jr. and George Hill amongst others, the Cavs got younger, more athletic, more productive what seems like and you could argue got some better perimeter defense.

Assuming LeBron wants to be able to come off the floor for more than all of five minutes a game and not worry about things getting out of hand, I think this young cast of hoopsters gives him the best opportunity to do so, and should be able to make a lengthy run within the east come playoffs.

Having second thoughts:

So it had been reported prior to the Super Bowl that Patriots offensive and defensive coordinators, Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia were getting out of Foxborough to pursue bigger life tasks in head coaching. It was said the Patricia was headed to Detroit and while that still stands true, McDaniels who was reportedly headed to the Colts, reneged and to be quite honest, I don’t blame him.

What good is being the offensive genius if your team has no offensive foundation? That foundation, is Andrew Luck, whose return to playing condition is still an uncertainty and one big enough to make McDaniels reconsider his next move. Smart move on his part.


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