All bark, no bite

Outmatched, outplayed and outcoached summarizes today's performance from Georgia as the Bulldogs suffered its first loss of the season Saturday with an embarrassing 40-17 setback at Auburn.

The Bulldogs scored first early in the game but struggled on both sides of the ball after that, and couldn’t slow the Tigers from executing every aspect of the game.

Not sure of the season totals, but I’m almost certain today’s outing ranks among the worst if not THE worst defensive performance we’ve seen from the Bulldogs defensive unit all season as they surrendered 237 yards on the ground and allowed Auburn’s quarterback Jarrett Stidham to air raid the pass defense for 214 yards and three touchdowns. To break it down even further, the Tigers came out of the half and ran the ball a whopping 28 times for 161 yards and utilized the pass only eight times.

From a spectator’s perspective, you could tell the game was lost after halftime as Fromm never seemed to get settled into his groove as the consistent pressure on the pocket caused Fromm to become shook and rattled, alleviating the pass game for the Bulldogs.

The offensive woes stemmed further than the pass game as the run game was shutout completely, finishing the game with a lifeless 46 yards on 32 attempts (Fromm sacked 5 times for a total loss of 33 yards).

Georgia now can only focus on the next few weeks ahead and let things sort themselves out amongst the viable playoff contenders.

Georgia falls to 9-1 overall and 6-1 in the SEC, while Auburn improved to 8-2 and 6-1.


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