The worst of all worlds

As if the ongoing Ezekiel Elliot investigation just wasn’t enough to make you scratch your head. Earlier this morning, Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane amongst others, collectively decided that they were going to turn off the lights and throw in the towel on the Bills 2017 season, as they traded fourth year wide receiver Sammy Watkins to the Los Angeles Rams.

In exchange for Watkins and a sixth-round pick in the 2018 NFL draft, the Bills would receive cornerback E.J. Gaines and a 2018 second-round pick.

Needless to say, from the looks of things it’s safe to say that the Bills season has ended before it could even get started. While one team if not both involved in a trade tend to gain a slight leverage out of the deal, I’ll be the first of many to say BOTH teams AND Sammy Watkins lost, and here’s why:

The Bills:

Where do I start. Bills Mafia is 17 years in (and counting) with no playoff appearances, being the longest active playoff drought in any major professional sport. Needless to say, Bills Mafia is ready for a change NOW! But instead, they traded their most productive offensive player in Watkins just as they were I don’t know…2 – 3 offensive pieces away from being a respected divisional contender. I will admit, NFL Watkins hasn’t quite matched that elite Clemson Watkins quite yet, but again, had been pretty productive for the Bills and while he only played in eight games last year due to injury, he totaled 28 receptions for 430 yards with 15.4 yards per reception.

Not only was the trade a setback for the Bills as a whole, but for quarterback Tyrod Taylor as a player who even took a pay cut in hopes management would put some needed pieces in place. How can you expect your recently acquired quarterback to expand on an established chemistry that is no longer there? Asking Taylor, who in my opinion, isn’t a top 20 quarterback to call upon receivers in 36 year-old Anquan Boldin, Andre Holmes, Rod Streater and newly acquired Jordan Mathews to win the game when the game is on the line is just unethical. To me, Bills management have put Taylor in a sink and fail predicament.

The Rams:

Let’s be real, Sammy Watkins hasn’t played with a solid nor consistent quarterback since he came into the league, and now that he has to once again develop a chemistry with second year quarterback Jared Goff, doesn’t make for an automatic climatic transition that the Rams offense needs. Being a rookie who’s called upon from day one at any position I’m sure is hard, and while being a rookie quarterback trying to develop the offense is tough, I’m sure being a veteran wide receiver waiting on your young quarterback to develop is no walk in the park either.

Neither Goff nor Watkins are rookies or veterans, but both I’m sure will feel the pressure to help boost the other. In Goff’s rookie campaign, with very little to work with, he started seven games in which the team went 0-7. With the addition of Watkins, the Rams are hoping for a much better turnout from the quarterback who ended the season with five touchdowns and seven interceptions. Even with Watkins joining wide receivers Tavon Austin and former Bills teammate Robert Woods, the question of whether or not Goff can be the king of Hollywood still remains.

Sammy Watkins:

He can say he’s grateful for playing in the league and thankful to have a job, but deep down n his soul I know he feels disrespected. He was traded for a cornerback and a second round pick…on top of that, he’s headed to yet ANOTHER team that’s in rebuilding mode. A trade like this isn’t spur of the moment, this is something that took days if not weeks of thought (or lack of) so to wait until the tail end of training camp to trade Watkins who has absolutely zero chemistry with Goff with the regular season approaching in less than 40 days, is just a makeup for a rough start to his new career in Los Angeles.


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