Buy or Sell: Matt Harvey

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Just this past weekend, Mets pitcher Matt Harvey couldn’t be spotted from anywhere within Citi Field… instead, Harvey was in attendance in a game of his own – hooky, which costed him the team’s trust, as well as the fans respect. The pitchers reason of absence, a “migraine,” (as first told by Harvey) which resulted from a late night out on the town the evening prior.

Yea, I’m not buying it. As adults, you and I both know that’s code for a long night of irresponsible boozing with the fellas, resulting in a costly hangover causing him to miss an evening game against the Miami Marlins. Also as adults, I’m sure many of you including myself can relate to going out for a marathon of drinks knowing tomorrow’s day of work is going to come sooner than we may realize. Whether you’re going out with the guys, your girlfriend or spouse or maybe just a family outing, weekday or weekend, it’s understandable. It may not always be the greatest of decisions to make knowing a full shift awaits you the next day, but I understand, we have all been there and done that.

What I don’t understand, is how players allow their night life to take control of their career life. It’s cool to go out no problem, but when going out comes between a player and their priorities (especially a game) it becomes a serious problem.

The even bigger issue here, is that not only was Harvey being irresponsible, but leaving it up to the media to uncover the real truth behind his irresponsible antics. Sources had stated earlier today, that the Mets pitcher had been torn about his ex-girlfriend Adriana Lima, when he seen pictures of her and Patriots wide receiver, Julian Edelman.

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*Que the chirping crickets*

Bro for real? I understand you love who you love but my goodness, you let a woman who you weren’t even married to drive you to the point of endless alcohol, suspension, and media embarrassment? He has to tighten up, and this is part two of me not buying Harvey’s story.

You all can sit here and try to relate and understand his actions were all out of love or pain and seeing her with another man, a two time Super Bowl winning man at that, but I’m not falling for it. You think the Falcon’s players are skipping OTA’s and other team activities because they lost to Julian Edelman and the Pats? Get out of here, READ BETWEEN THE LINES!

Matt Harvey clearly has a drinking problem or at least other priors that we or I don’t know about, but the team does. Think about it, yes missing a game due to prior late night activities is huge, but do you think a players first time would cause the team to suspend him for x amount of days (I would suspend him if he was late but it’s not my call, I’m just saying)? I mean given he’s pitched in six games and has already accumulated a 5.14 ERA…they’re not missing much having him out of the rotation.

The whole thing about Edelman bagging his lady is a contributor to the situation, yes, but NOT the reason. I think the Mets have finally had it with Harvey especially considering what he’s done in the past, which leads me to think that the Mets organization is not pleased with the return they’re receiving from their pitcher since arriving in New York.

With all the money that athletes make, baseball especially, it’s just inevitable we accept that they are able to live a lifestyle none of us can live without facing stiff discipline.

I’m buying that Harvey may have a drinking problem and needs to consider getting professional help, but I’m selling the fact that this is solely over a woman who clearly had no intentions of marrying the man.

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With Harvey becoming a free agent after the season, who knows what could happen. Maybe the Mets give him another chance to prove his worth, or maybe they hit him with an Adriana Lima and say on to the next in order to redevelop his on and off the field character somewhere else.


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