6 Suitors for Kyle Lowry

Now before indulging into free agent contract talk, let’s understand that Kyle Lowry is not, nor will be the hottest name to hit the list of free agent names this off season, but will be in high demand by teams in need of a veteran offensive orchestrator. While Steph Curry, Jrue Holiday, George Hill, Jeff Teague, D. Rose and Rondo top the marquee of point guards to become free agents after the season, there’s no reason Lowry can’t make his case for a top priority pickup. Below, are some of the most logical situations for teams to put Kyle Lowry in.

6. Philadelphia 76ers

This may be a stretch, but a logical one in my mind. Seeing how teams love to pitch to hometown players, why wouldn’t the cash happy 76ers look his way? I understand they have Ben Simmons, but who’s to say he’s going to be playing at level 100 come the start of next season. Even still, the biggest downfall of the 76ers is their lack of veteran leadership, which Lowry possesses and even knows a thing or two about getting and advancing in the playoffs. With Lowry making it clear that he just wants a ring, it’s highly unlikely (but not impossible) that he’d come home to play for Philly who will need more than a 31 veteran point guard to be taken seriously.

5. San Antonio Spurs

Not sure where to go with this one, but after seeing Tony Parker go down it seemed like a possibility. Parker who is 34, still has a year left on his contract and is backed by the Australian Patty Mills. Not saying Lowry is only as good as a backup, but be an insurance behind Parker, but it’s probably safer to keep Mills who is just 28 and has had success running the floor in Parkers absence throughout the season. Lowry stands at 6 feet even, making him too small to play the point guard playing shooting guard position how Miami and Chicago have done D. Wade. Not doubting Coach Pop in finding a way to fit in Lowry, but doubting he travels out west to fight for time (and money) on a loaded Spurs team.

4. New Orleans Pelicans

I’m not a huge fan of Jrue Holiday’s game, but this is a non-biased reason why I think Lowry could land in New Orleans. I truly think for the Pelicans to have success with their double post punch in Boogie and Anthony Davis, Holiday has to go. I just don’t think he’s the right point guard to unlock the potential between the two post players. Holiday averaged 15.4 points per game compared to Lowry’s 22.4 points per game, meaning Lowry can still definitely get his, but shouldn’t feel pressured into taking game winning shots as we have seen from time to time in Toronto.

3. New York Knicks

Now I’m being completely honest here, the only reason I don’t see Lowry coming to Madison Square Garden is solely because they look to be far from a playoff contender…but who’s to say Lowry can’t bring something different to the table and orchestrate the Knicks into a winning franchise. Before the season even started, the Knicks looked like a really strong team in the East (about a 5-6 seed) ON PAPER. In reality, they lacked consistency on the offensive side of the floor as well as being able to keep guys healthy and on the floor. With Derrick Rose becoming a free agent, why not look towards Lowry for help and create an exciting pairing with Melo and Porzingis.

2. Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are just a few playmakers away from really surging or at least making it to the playoffs. Adding Lowry will give them some veteran leadership beyond Dragic (who the Heat acquired in ‘14) and forward Luke Babbitt. In fact, it would actually give Coach Spoelstra a little versatility being able to slide Dragic at the 2 position for Waiters given his injury history (only played in 46 games this season) allowing for Lowry to step up but forcing them to keep second year point guard Tyler Johnson. There’s nothing wrong with depth, so who’s to say Lowry couldn’t fit.

1. Indiana Pacers

Already a playoff team, whether or not Paul George stays, they’re going to need to address the point guard position as Jeff Teague becomes a free agent. Assuming PG13 leaves, that would free up enough money to fulfill Lowry’s money needs (made $12 million this season) as well as his chase for a championship ring and a better crack at LeBron and the Cavs. If they let Jeff Teague walk, it would leave only second year Joseph Young as the teams floor general so it would be in their absolute best interest to lose one playoff veteran point guard for another one who’s averaging 7.1 more points per game as well as .8 more rebounds per game.


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