Student - Athlete profile: Mykeah Johnson

East Tennessee State University’s own outfielder Mykeah Johnson found some time within her busy student – athletic schedule to shed some light on her life and college experience as she closes out her final season of softball for the Buccaneers.

There’s always that one activity you take on as a kid, whether it be a sport or an after school club activity, being able to excel in that activity gives you piece of mind, or just a natural comfort. Then you hit that point where you realize you can’t excel any further and you take the time to reflect on when and where it all began.

Johnson said she had a natural gift when it came to softball. “At an early age, I was a fan of sports. My older brother played them and I was the little sister who had to do everything he did,” Johnson said. “He played softball, therefore I had to play also.”

Fast forward ten to twelve years and Mykeah’s doing what she loves most at a collegiate level, making her a certified student athlete. “Being a student athlete is not for everyone. You have to be willing to sacrifice things to be successful in this lifestyle. You really must have mental toughness and determination to get through these years,” said Johnson. She also went on to say that things didn’t always go smooth for her in fact, she wanted to quit after lack of motivation.

“There were plenty of times when things got rough, and my body got tired that I wanted to give up, but then I had to stay focus and stick to the plan of getting my education. I was also blessed with a great family who supported me and kept me going.”

Johnson, who currently stands at a .313 batting average and is responsible for 20 runs batted in thus far this season, has a lot of season ahead of herself to embrace before walking away from the game she loves while remaining hungry and not losing focus on what’s ahead.

“I’ve been trying to figure out what I need to do to get myself ready for conference so I can be beneficial to my team’s success,” said Johnson.

If you haven’t caught on by now, Mykeah has always had her eyes on the prize of succeeding. We as sport fanatics know that it is imperative for one to fail a few times before becoming successful, an area in which Mykeah has a hard time swallowing.

“”The toughest moment in sports for me is failure. I do not do well with failing or letting my team down. I do understand that in this game you can have ten at bats and if you get a hit three out of the ten times, then you are considered a good hitter, but I’m the type of player who thinks I should get a hit all ten times. I am far from perfect, but when my teams need me I was to be able to come through,” said Johnson. She then went on to say “I prepare for this by just staying focused and confident in myself.”

While confidence is key on and off the field, I asked Mykeah what it was that she was going to take with her through life after the season as she prepares to get her degree in sport and leisure management.

“I’ve learned to “be comfortable being uncomfortable,”” a quote from Bucs head coach, Coach Brad Irwin. “Life doesn’t go as planned and things don’t work out the way we want, but that is when we should take what life gives us and make the best of it,” said Johnson.

The ETSU Bucs currently hold a 12 – 16 win loss record and with 24 games left to play before entering Southern Conference Championship play, it will be up to Johnson and company to pull together and make some strong runs down the stretch as they are only two games behind from last season’s 28 game mark.

Getting to know Mykeah

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your life?

The Obamas, they represented us very well. The thing that inspires me the most, is the way today’s society characterizes African Americans. It is so low, that we as black people have to work twice as hard to become successful in this world. The Obamas gave us so much hope that we can do it, we can be successful, and really be something in life. I’m determined to be successful in order to prove all these stereotypes wrong against African Americans.

Favorite quote:

“When they go low, we go high.” -Michelle Obama

Favorite food prior to games:

I don’t have a favorite, so as long as it’s somewhat healthy and involves potatoes I’m happy.

Last t.v. show you binge watched:

Vampire Diaries

Most meaningless stat in your sport is?


Your number one walk-up song choice would be?

No Problems – Chance the Rapper

What would you say makes you different from others on your team?

I would say my mindset. I think differently and have a much different approach to the game and life than they do. I am very straight forward and hold myself accountable.

Favorite baseball team and player:

Atlanta Braves and Justin Upton

Top 3 sports movies:

Coach Carter, A League of their Own, Hardball

Does sugar go on spaghetti?

Sugar does NOT go on spaghetti!

What’s the craziest pre-game superstition you’ve seen?

Craziest thing I’ve seen is where a girl wore the same spandex without washing them until we lost.

If you had a spending limit that could afford only three tier 1 actors and/or actresses and were in charge of making the next best movie, who would your top three actors or actresses be?

Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, and Will Smith

Celebrity or athlete crush:

I love me some Kobe Bryant and Michael B Jordan

If you were stranded on an island, what are the 3 things you would choose to have with you?

Chicken, toothbrush, and soap

Your family's in a devastating financial situation and it's up to you to dig them out. What's the one game show you get on to solve their money woe’s?

Family Feud all day!

In regards to a championship, would you rather win the game via homerun, or via outfield catch to seal the deal on a no-hitter?


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