Like it. Love it. Leave it.

With the NFL's free agency transactions and rumors starting to heat up, here’s what I liked, here’s what I loved, and here’s what I simply could have done without during this week’s NFL free agency thus far.

I like it:

Tony Romo was released then put on the trade block by the Cowboys. Why keep a guy around for moral support when he could go out and potentially start somewhere like I don’t know…Denver, Houston, New York?

Jets GM Mike Maccagnan and company knowing when to call it quits, pulling the plug and hitting the reset button releasing veteran players: wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and cornerback Darrelle Revis. I can’t help but respect the team’s decision to do so.

The Detroit Lions actually went out and snagged someone they need, signing much needed offensive tackle Ricky Wagner.

The Arizona Cardinals placed a franchise tag on Chandler Jones, and are even working towards finalizing a 5-year extension. They did right by locking him up, he’s solid.

I love it:

The Eagles getting second year quarterback Carson Wentz some seasoned wide receiver help signing Alshon Jeffery to a $14 million 1-year deal and 5-year wide receiver Torrey Smith to a 3-year $15 million deal. I’m sure putting these two studs on the field will help develop Wentz.

The Cleveland Browns signing Brock Osweiler and supposedly shopping him for money, players, and possibly picks is just pure genius. It is simply the definition of finesse and a half step in the right direction for the Browns (I knew better than to give them a full step, it’s the Brown we’re talking about).

Vernon Davis re-signed with the Redskins. Davis is still solid and in a league of his own. Good for Washington.

The Chicago Bears taking Marcus Wheaton off the Steelers hands. Sure it’s a bit bias but who cares, it’s not like he made any major contributions for the Steelers during his tenure in Pittsburgh.

Bills free agent cornerback Stephon Gilmore signed with the Pats and their embarrassment of riches on defense. What a power move for both sides.

Could have done without it:

Realizing that Mike Glennon was getting inked to a 3-year contract with the Bears…I’ll give it ‘til week 8.

Brandon Marshall choosing to receive passes in a what seems crowded receiving group from the turnover machine himself, Eli, was mind boggling to me. I like Marshall too, but I wish he would have ended up elsewhere with a decent quarterback for once (as if Eli doesn’t have two rings).

My boy Desean Jackson chose to play pitch-n-catch with Jameis Winston for a rather lengthy period of time signing a multi-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Winston I’m sure is already a locker room head case to deal with so throwing Jackson into the mix may just make things that much more entertaining…or stressful. Not sold on this being Jackson’s best career move.

New England’s cornerback Malcolm Butler was tendered at the first-round level as a restricted free agent; $3.91 million with no contract extension talks. He’s not a guy you tender, either you lock him up or let him go, he deserves his money.

The Atlanta Falcons and Matt Schaub reached a 2-year $9 million agreement…I didn’t even know Schaub was still playing in the NFL.

Kenny Stills staying in Miami for four years on a $32 million deal. Not that that’s bad nor good, just didn’t see the hype (so it seemed) surrounding the news. I personally think he made more splash plays during his time at the University of Oklahoma and still waiting to see THAT Stills displayed.

L.A. just got their former standout back in Robert Woods who signed with the Rams. I haven’t seen a big play from woods on Sports Center SINCE playing at USC.

Already depleted at the linebacker position, the Lions released DeAndre Levy only shooting themselves in the foot unless GM Bob Quinn plans on showing New England’s Hightower some big money.


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