What if:

Now if Melo were to join LeBron and the Cavs, you and I both know they would take the league by storm, breeze through the playoffs, and advance to the Finals…but realistically, this wouldn’t happen, but that’s why I’m writing this, to paint an impractical yet mouthwatering picture!

Remember having to do group projects in high school, and depending on the teacher, not being able to pick who was in your group? Those really sucked, especially if you were the hardest worker. Now remember how smooth and enjoyable those projects went when you were able to choose your group members. Not saying Melo dislikes his teammates or anything, but how much more energy and effort would we get out of Melo if he teamed up with some of his best friends being LeBron and J.R.?

I mean that’s the question, how much more? Carmelo currently leads the New York Knicks in points per game at 23, and is contributing 3.1 assists and 6.0 rebounds per game, and at age 32, what more can you ask from him, especially on a team that sits within the bottom five teams in the east at 22-32.

Sending Melo to the Cavs would allow Melo to just simply play basketball, no more having to put the team on his back, speak on every critical team moment, or even address the media about his relationship with the teams President. Melo would go to Cleveland to play basketball and actually enjoy every minute of competing with his friends, and not against.

While that sounds enticing, here’s the reality of things of why Melo probably won’t be seen in a Cavs uniform.

What about Kevin? I’ll be the first to admit, I was one of the spectators saying Love will probably be gone after the 2014-‘15 season, like do you remember how soft he played in the Finals? Anyways, bringing Melo to Cleveland would force them to trade the Kevin Love they expected to get when they acquired him from Minnesota back in 2014 who is now averaging 20.5 points and 10.9 rebounds a game…why give it up for some scoring that’s not missing.

What about the Knicks, say they do acquire Love for Melo, (of course it would be more involved than a player for player type thing) they’d have two solid starting power forwards (Love and Porzingis) which essentially means one would slide down to the center position in order to have both on the floor at the same time, but that’s not practical. Both are way too big to play small forward, and with that being said, New York would most likely have to play Joe Thomas in Melo’s position…yea, don’t really see that being long term.

So now, the question becomes, does the trade work for New York. No. You could even flip it on Cleveland and ask yourself does having two elite small forwards on the floor really change the dynamic of things? I mean if anything, they’d slide LeBron down to the 4 which isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but I don’t see him just settling in at the position for the duration of his career.

Moving along from the analytics, I think it would be cool to actually see a high caliber player leave a bottom feeder team and go to an elite team without catching any flack for it. Of course you’ll have those who will disagree, but I along with others would see it as Melo making a strong career move, not a desperate one. I mean from what articles have read, Melo is content playing in Madison Square Garden, but it’s Knick's President Phil Jackson who may be looking to show him the door.

I’m pretty confident that LeBron is past his selfish days when he needed the ball in his hands 97 percent of the time, ensuring that he and Carmelo, along with Kyrie would all get their opportunity of handling the ball. Who knows, maybe the two organizations work out some underground deal sending Melo to Cleveland, maybe Melo bites his tongue and plays it out in New York, but until they reach a decision, we’ll just have to ask ourselves what if.

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