What's next?

With the football season now officially over, we as sports lovers can now turn our attention towards other excitement surrounding the world of sports.

Now that we’ve had roughly 24 hours to digest the Super Bowl outcome, and let the unforgettable memories of the game simmer, I think it’s safe to say that the last NFL football game of the season was hands down the best game of the season. So what’s next?

As if football was the only sport that really mattered for the past six months, and for many of you I’m sure it was, but let me be the first to tell you there’s been A LOT of excitement going on outside of football. There’s college hoops, NBA action which seems to get more and more intense as the weeks go on, and hockey, which hasn’t even hit the halfway point of the season yet. But don’t take my word for it, just take a quick glance at what each league has to offer thus far:


Let’s be honest here, when is college basketball NOT exciting? There’s no need to wait until March just to see a few upsets and last minute buzzer beaters. This year, NCAA men’s basketball has been so shaken up throughout the season, that the top ten doesn’t even feature Duke, Kentucky, Michigan State, or even Xavier. Instead, the top 25 is headlined by Gonzaga, Villanova, Kansas, and Louisville, as listed in the Associated Press. With the regular season winding down and the drama building up, this year’s tourney will be nothing short of unpredictable, per usual.


We’ve already been blessed with matchups between Golden State’s newly acquired KD and a pissed off Russel Westbrook who seems to be knocking on an MVP type season. We were given a Finals rematch on Christmas between the Warriors and Cavs, Harden has been embracing yet another eye opening career, leading the Rockets to a 37-17 standing good for the third best record in the league, and of course, LeBron being LeBron finding a way to say what the Cavs have going on just still isn’t enough. Aside from the mainstream action, we’ve have seen Melo cause a trading buzz as of late, Isiah Thomas and the Celtics playing with a purpose and looking as if they have a point to prove, D. Wade playing how he was when he first stepped out of Marquette and showing no signs of slowing down, and the fact that the 76ers are lacing up their shoes to play after how many seasons of tanking is just a wonderful thing to see.


Still in the early stages yet, but there's no reason to grow impatient as the hard hitting fast paced action hasn’t had any delay whatsoever as teams are still finding their chemistry, building on past season’s success, or like the Red Wings, still finding and creating their image as some teams are simply still too young to pose a viable threat against the leagues heavyweights.


While the eye popping and mind boggling blockbuster deals typically don’t take place until July (which at times is better than the NBA’s buy or sell period) here are some of the marquee moves that have headlined since the Cubs World Series win: Dexter Fowler with a KD type move going from the Cubs to Cardinals, the White Sox sent LHP Chris Sale to Boston, Aldonis Chapman went to the Yankees after his overuse in the World series and the Tigers are stuck with Ausmus for yet another long season.

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