What if...:

The Falcons win the Super Bowl:

Matt Ryan, will finally be able to grab some respect. Despite his Super Bowl appearance, there are those who are still in shock that he has led them this far. But here’s the thing, Matty Ice has always fallen under the radar but that’s only due to past seasons underachievement, which doesn’t all fall on his account.

Let’s look at the basics, to the people of Atlanta, Matt Ryan is more than their franchise quarterback, he is their savior. He’s the city’s savior from years of consistent disappointment and mediocrity. In no way is this a jab at the legendary trend setting Mike Vick, but it is the clear cut fact that Matt Ryan is the one to take this franchise over the hump. Don’t get me wrong, Matty Ice will never be as cool as Vick, but has the potential to be the better quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Vick stuck with Atlanta for six seasons but failed to get over the hump with an offense that featured guys such as T.J. Duckett, Warrick Dunn, Alge Crumpler, Roddy White, and Peerless Price. But this isn’t a post taking away from the legacy Vick built during his time in Atlanta, but why Matt Ryan has been able to find a way to win.

Fresh out of Boston College, here comes this long wiry gentleman Matt Ryan. I’m not a Falcons fan so I can’t tell you how he changed the dynamic of the offense, but what I can tell you all is that within Ryan’s eight seasons with the Falcons, he has been consistent finishing above .500, and is the only quarterback to advance the team to back – to – back playoff appearances.

As a lover of football, even though the Falcons aren’t my team, I still give credit to the ones who are doing great things and often things fall under the radar for those who aren’t always in that top five conversation. Ryan’s stats and personal records thus far: first Falcons QB to lead the team to an 8-0 start, possesses a franchise record of single season passing yards at 4,719, fewest interceptions by a starting QB at 9, and has quite a few fourth quarter comebacks. All I’m saying is, it’s sad that for Matt Ryan to have to win a Super Bowl for him to get the solid quarterback label.

Moving on from him there’s that big physical man Julio. We finally get a chance to see Julio on the big stage, in his prime, and with the team that drafted him. Julio to me falls into a category with guys like Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, and DeAndre Hopkins. Guys that come in, do their job, execute the game and stay out of trouble, real class guys. It’s hard not to respect guys like that. He’s just a player you want to see go out on top and say he’s earned a ring or two within his career.

If the Falcons win, all of football will have to give a large credit to this fast physical defense. Being blinded by that freakishly fast and talented offense, I had no reason to look at the defensive side of the ball. At first when ESPN was saying how the Falcons could beat the Seahawks or derail the Cowboys or how they could potentially reach the Super Bowl, I laughed.

So what I did was pull up the defensive stats in order to make sense of these possible accusations, and I was overwhelmed with shock. The NFC south was so subpar I couldn’t go off those stats so I looked at those out of conference games and was like WOW! They beat the early season Broncos, Raiders, and the Packers and lost two notable games against Seattle and Kansas City (both playoff teams) BY A COMBINED 3 POINTS, 10 points all together if you include the early season loss to Tampa. These games weren’t close either, Matt Ryan and company were scoring at will and the defense was holding their ground…for 16 straight games.

If the Falcons win, it’ll be more than Matt Ryan taking the credit as this team is clicking on ALL cylinders.

The Patriots win the Super Bowl:

In this aspect, it gets selfish. If Belichick and Brady receive yet another Lombardi Trophy, the door will actually be shut on the Greatest Of All Time Quarterback conversation. Yes, there are a lot of great quarterbacks who have filter through the NFL, some with rings, some with amazing stats, but this conversation is solely between Joe Montana and Tom Brady.

Montana is 4 - 0 in his Super Bowl trips with 11 touchdowns and not one interception, not to mention being handed the SBMVP THREE times out of his four trips, cool. Undefeated, noteworthy stats to match, and for what it’s worth, a NCAA national championship (with Notre Dame).

Now Brady, he has a total of 5 trips with today’s Super Bowl visit in Houston being his 6th. Within those five trips, Brady has tossed 10 touchdowns and 4 interceptions and has earned himself 2 Super Bowl MVP awards. Not bad compared to Montana, but here’s where the script flips.

If Brady pulls a win off today, he will be the first player with not only five rings, but five rings with the same team. This argument goes way beyond Super Bowl stats, but also regular season/career stats. Brady has thrown for 456 touchdowns in the same span of Montana’s 16 season career (compared to Montana’s 273), with about 2 maybe 3 more seasons to play, career passing rating of 97.2, has a whopping 61,582 career passing yards (4th all time), and has been present in the pocket for over two full seasons worth of playoff games, setting an NFL record of 33 (25-9 with a win today).

And the thing that gets me, is his longevity, having not shown ANY signs of losing his competitiveness, and is still going strong. As I stated before, Brady came into the season in week 5 breaking personal records and that’s after missing a quarter of a season. It’s almost like he’s just prepping himself to have the best season of his career every season. He’s literally the student and the teacher making Belichick the Superintendent.

Obviously, there will be a lot of things to factor in whether or not the Pats win today, but all I’m saying is if they do, you can lock the door and throw away the rusted key to who’s the G.O.A.T quarterback. Every team has or has had a player or coach who has been caught in a scandal or controversial situation, but even still, you can’t take away what that player has done on the field. Give respect when respect is earned, Brady will have earned his and then some with a win over the Atlanta Falcons.


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