No MVP for Prescott...yet

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Dak Prescott is not the Most Valuable Player of the National Football League, at least not this season. Don’t get me wrong, the kid can sling it and get the job done through four quarters, but I still can’t fix my mouth to throw him into the MVP conversation.

There’s no way you can discredit what he’s been able to do on the field when the ball is in his hands, but what you can do, is compare him to a player who was thrown into a similar situation or a mere blessing if you will, five years ago. His name was Russell Wilson, you know, the guy brought in to challenge Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Flynn for the starting quarterback position.

I mean think about it, here you have your rookie quarterback, who accidently fell into the leading quarterback duties due to Tony Romo’s back injury in the third week of the preseason, the game plan from week to week has to be simple, as simple as it can get for an NFL rookie at least. Hand the ball off to your star running back, scramble a little bit, be sure not to turn the ball over, and make a play when necessary. So back to Wilson, what would he have done without Marshawn Lynch, or as we all liked to call him, Beast Mode. Well same applies to Prescott, what happens to the progression and productivity of your rookie quarterback without a dependable run game in Ezekiel Elliot and that monstrous Dallas offensive line?

Take the time to look at the embarrassment of riches Prescott was drafted into. He has his young back who can run through a brick wall if you let him, catch out the backfield serving as an easy go to target, and even when the ball isn’t in Elliot’s hands, he still draws attention from the opposing defense, all signs pointing to pressure off Dak.

But wait, there’s more! There’s Dez, who we all know can be a bit of a diva at times, can catch almost anything in the same area code, and is just a pure bully to the smaller defensive backs. Let’s not forget about Jason Witten, who can block and has some of the league’s best dependable hands at the position. Last but not least, that o-line, who have over a combined five pro bowl appearances. Dak has been blessed, but again, you can’t take anything away from his game, but you could easily put a handful of the leagues younger quarterbacks in his position, and expect for them to flourish.

The biggest if not most important factor that should go into deciding a league MVP, is value. So I leave you all with this, how valuable is Prescott without that line? How valuable is that line without Prescott? That o-line is the true MVP in this particular situation, but as a 6’2, charismatic rookie winning games, he’ll definitely get some love, just not as the MVP. Rookie of the Year though, could very well be his, if not Elliot’s.

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