Winning is fun...unless you're the Browns

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Just how bad are the Cleveland Browns? You’d think getting a rejuvenated, motivated Robert Griffin III, a new approach from Hugh Jackson, another Baylor WR standout in first rounder Corey Coleman, and the potential return of Josh Gordon would spark just the slightest flame there in First Energy Stadium. WRONG!

Since the alleged turn around in the good ole Dawg Pound, the Browns have failed to stay consistent at the quarterback position, have failed to maintain the lead when winning at the half, have failed to produce a wide receiver and running back in the top ten, have failed to pose a threat in the AFC North, and of course, have failed to win. What really glosses the tip of the iceberg here, is how the last quarterback to win a game for the Browns was who else, but the troubled and substance driven Johnny Manziel. WOW!

I have to be honest, being from Michigan and not growing up a Lions fan, you learn to take the quick jab at them and their fans any chance you get. Looking at the Browns though, makes me want to tell the entire Lions fan base that it’s not THAT bad, I mean at least they seem to have SOME of the right people in place in terms of players, coaches, and management. They even win games here and there, sometime back to back, and have even appeared in the playoffs multiple times in my lifetime (7 to be exact). Would you believe me if I told you they are currently at the top of their division which is typically headlined by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers?

But back to the lowly Browns, when is enough, enough? Every Sunday, it’s just an anomaly and just when you think they might get that first win, nonetheless, the wheels fall right off. If you ask me, I think Hugh Jackson had been on the hot seat from the time he accepted the job there in Cleveland. It’s just gotten past the point of accepting small progression and accomplishments. The fans and the city of Cleveland are ready for wins sooner than later, and if Jackson can’t figure it out by the end of the season, his job may have been over before it began.


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